# Monsters

# Description

The world of BitCastleWar has many monsters appearing in many game modes to help players increase their excitement when experiencing the game.

Name Monster Description
Mini Golem Rocks made of lava
Anubis The wise god of Egypt possesses dark magic
Satan The god of hell with the power of hell fire to consume souls
Bone King The king of death is the leader of the bone ghost army
Bone Ghost Loyal soldiers always listen to the bone king's orders
Golem The stone-man monster sealed by ancient magic
Cyclops Cyclopes are giant one-eyed creatures
Minotaur Monster part man and part bull
Orc Warrior Powerful green-skinned creature with extraordinary physical strength
Pharaoh Pharaoh king of egypt endowed with the power of the gods, commanding a mighty army of mummies
Thunder Beast Lightning Beast possesses extremely fast movement speed along with the ability to control thunder

# God Monster (Dark dragon)

Update soon...